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Guidelines to Authors

Dear Author,

Thank you for participating in Virtual ACM SYSTOR 2020.

After careful consideration, the Program Committee has decided that each paper will be presented as a 10-minute pre-recorded talk. We will also allocate 5 minutes for Q&A, that will be broadcast live.

Please send us a video of your talk well ahead of the conference. After the conference, these videos will be uploaded to YouTube. Please also send us the slides for your talk, to be uploaded to the SYSTOR website, as well as the name and affiliation of the speaker.

Send your videos and slides to doron.chen@gmail.com

Deadline for video submissions: September 30th, 2020

Questions will be submitted to the speakers through Slack. Please join our slack channel: https://acm-systor.slack.com

Guidelines for preparing your video:

  1. Audio Quality: the quality of most built-in laptop microphones is not high. These tend to pick up background noise. Whenever possible, please use better hardware. Please experiment with the position of the microphone before recording your talk.
  2. Video: Video quality depends very much on lighting and camera angles. For instance, a strong light source behind you (e.g. window) will turn your face dark and grainy.
  3. We suggest that most of screen will be filled with the talk slides, with a smaller box capturing the speaker.

Guidelines for the live Q&A portion:

  1. Internet connectivity: If you are presenting from home, please make sure that your internet connectivity is not degraded by simultaneous use by other members of your household.
  2. Dial in: We will send you details on dial-in options ahead of the conference. This is a great back-up option for cases where internet connectivity is lacking.

Best Regards,

ACM SYSTOR 2020 Organizers

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