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The 3rd Annual Haifa Experimental Systems Conference

May 24-26, 2010
Haifa, Israel

image: IBM and Haifa


The IBM Haifa Research Lab and the IBM Systems and Technology Group Lab, in collaboration with Caesarea Rothschild Institute (CRI) at the University of Haifa cordially invite you to SYSTOR 2010, a successor to the highly successful SYSTOR conference and workshops on systems and storage held at the IBM Haifa Research Lab. The goal of the conference is to promote systems research and foster stronger ties between the Israeli and worldwide systems research communities and industry.

The conference focuses on a broad range of systems research topics, including (but not limited to) general computer systems issues, distributed systems, storage systems issues, performance aspects of computing systems, cloud computing systems, virtualization infrastructure and virtualization-aware system design, multi-core architectures, power consumption and management, managing the explosive growth in storage, long-term storage, and a number of cross-domain issues such as workload modeling, performance metrics, power consumption, security, usability, and experience with real systems and failures.

SYSTOR 2010 is a three-day conference, and each day features a keynote address by a well-known international researcher on one of the conference topics. The conference takes place at the IBM Research Lab in Haifa and at the University of Haifa. Lunch and light refreshments will be served. Participation in all or part of the three-day conference is free of charge, although registration is required. Please confirm your participation by May 20 via the registration page.


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The proceedings of the conference will be published as a volume in the ACM International Conference Proceedings Series made available through the ACM Digital Library.


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