Acre - Tour and Dinner (11 June 2014)

Our tour will depart from Haifa, after which we will cross the Haifa Bay to the northern shore for a visit to the ancient city of Acre. Our tour will explore a city whose history dates back almost 4000 years ago and has a unique underground level from the time of the Crusaders. When descending into the underground headquarters of the Knights of St. John we will experience the medieval atmosphere of the city. The paved stone floor and the stairways leading to a long underground passage are believed to be an escape tunnel built by the Crusaders.

Once we return to the surface, we will explore the Ottoman phase of Acre and will walk through its 18th century Turkish Bazaar, and stop at Kahan El-Umdan and the picturesque Pisan port. If time permits we will visit the large mosque of El-Jazar.

We will conclude our day with an authentic dinner of middle eastern food at one of Haifa's restaurants.

The tour including dinner will be at a charge of ILS 100.- (USD 30) per person, to be paid during the first day of the conference.

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