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The IBM Haifa facility is located at the northwest edge of the University of Haifa campus.
Parking will be available for SYSTOR participants arriving with their private car.

Important Note: Please read the Israeli Ministry of Health Directives ahead of your planned visit.


Ben-Gurion International Airport – Haifa: 100km/62.5 miles
Tel Aviv – Haifa: 95km/59 miles
Jerusalem – Haifa: 145km/91 miles

Transportation from Ben Gurion Airport

From the Ben Gurion Airport train station, located near the arrivals hall in the airport, you can take a direct train to Haifa. Buy a ticket to the Hof HaCarmel station in Haifa and go down the escalator to the train. Make sure you board on the correct track. Take a taxi from the Hof HaCarmel station in Haifa to your destination.

For more information, see the Israel Railways site. Note that trains and buses do not generally run on Saturdays in Israel. If you arrive on Friday afternoon or Saturday, you will probably want to rent a car or take a taxi to Haifa.

You can take a direct Egged bus from the airport to Haifa. Take the 947 bus to the Hof HaCarmel station in Haifa and take a city bus or taxi from there to your destination.

To find out more about the buses that serve the University of Haifa campus, go to the main Egged Web site.

Shared Taxi Service (“Sherut”)
Shared taxis, called Sheruts, are available from the airport to all destinations in Israel. Sheruts are much cheaper than the price of a private taxi, so they’re a good deal, especially if you’re going to a distant area such as Haifa or Jerusalem. Keep in mind that you may have to wait a while, since the taxi only leaves the airport when it is full. Generally, there are 10 seats in such a car. The rate for a one way trip from the airport to Haifa (city center) is about 75 NIS (~USD$20) or 115 NIS (~USD$32) for a specific address.

You can also pay in dollars, but there is no credit card payment available–only cash.

As you exit from the terminal building, look for the supervised taxi stand. Give your destination to the dispatcher and he will direct you to the correct taxi. The fares from the airport to some destinations including Haifa are fixed, so the driver should not use the meter.

The rate for a one way taxi trip from the airport to Haifa is about 521 NIS (~USD$140) or 637 NIS (~USD$172) during nights and Saturdays.

Rental Car
Avis, Budget, Europcar, Hertz, and other local firms have offices at the airport.



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