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Accepted Posters

Posters accepted for presentation and publication:

  1. Putting the OS in Control of DRAM with Mapping Aliases
    Marius Hillenbrand, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology; Frank Bellosa, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

  2. "Memory Loss" in Commodity Hardware? Predicting DIMM Failures with Machine Learning
    Ioana Giurgiu, IBM Research, Zurich; Dorothea Wiesmann, IBM Research, Zurich; John Bird, IBM Technology Support Services

  3. Zero-copy Receive Path in Virtio
    Kalman Meth, IBM Research, Haifa; Mike Rapoport, IBM Research, Haifa; Joel Nider, IBM Research, Haifa; Razya Ladelsky, IBM Research, Haifa

  4. Remote Page Faults with a CAPI based FPGA
    Joel Nider, IBM Research, Haifa; Yiftach Binyamini, IBM Systems, Haifa; Mike Rapoport, IBM Research, Haifa

  5. User Space Memory Management for Post-copy Migration
    Mike Rapoport, IBM Research, Haifa; Joel Nider, IBM Research, Haifa

  6. Counting Distinct Elements over Sliding Windows
    Eran Assaf, Hebrew University; Ran Ben Basat, Technion; Gil Einziger, Nokia Bell Labs; Roy Friedman, Technion; Yaron Kassner, Technion

  7. Scalable Communication Middleware for Permissioned Distributed Ledgers
    Artem Barger, IBM Research, Haifa; Gregory Chockler, Royal Holloway University of London; Yacov Manevich, IBM Research, Haifa; Benjamin Mandler, IBM Research, Haifa; Vita Bortnikov, IBM Research, Haifa; Gennady Laventman, IBM Research, Haifa

  8. Persistent Memory over Fabric (PMoF)
    Amit Golander, Plexistor; Sagi Manole, Plexistor; Yigal Korman, Plexistor

  9. Diving Into Federated Network
    Anna Levin, IBM Research; Konstantin Dorfman, IBM Research; Sylvain Afchain, Red Hat

  10. CogNETive – Insights and Visualization for Operations@Scale
    Dean Lorenz, IBM Research, Haifa; Eran Raichstein, IBM Research, Haifa; Katherine Barabash, IBM Research, Haifa; Hillel Kolodner, IBM Research, Haifa; Liran Schour, IBM Research, Haifa; Shelly Garion, IBM Research, Haifa

  11. Stocator: A High Performance Object Store Connector for Spark
    Gil Vernik, IBM Research, Haifa; Michael Factor, IBM Research, Haifa; Elliot Kolodner, IBM Research, Haifa; Effi Ofer, IBM Research, Haifa; Francesco Pace, Eurecom; Pietro Michiardi, Eurecom

  12. Deviceless Edge Computing: Extending Serverless Computing to the Edge of the Network
    Alex Glikson, IBM Research, Haifa; Stefan Nastic, TU Wien; Schahram Dustdar, TU Wien

  13. A Research Playground for Examining Erasure Codes
    Veronica Estrada-Galinanes, University of Neuchatel

  14. Big Data Analysis of Cloud Storage Logs using Spark
    Shelly Garion, IBM Research, Haifa; Hillel Kolodner, IBM Research, Haifa; Allon Adir, IBM Research, Haifa; Ehud Aharoni, IBM Research, Haifa; Lev Greenberg, IBM Research, Haifa

  15. Predicting HDD Failures from Compound SMART Attributes
    Shiri Gaber, DELL-EMC; Oshry Ben-Harush, DELL-EMC; Amihai Savir, DELL-EMC

  16. QoS Differentiation in an Advanced Object Store
    Doron Chen, IBM Research, Haifa; Gürkan Gür, Bogazici University

  17. Models for Evaluating Throughput
    Netanel Zakay, Hebrew University; Dror Feitelson, Hebrew University

Posters accepted for presentation only:

  1. Extended DNA storage using composite letters
    Leon Anavy, Technion; Roee Amit, Technion; Zohar Yakhini, Technion

  2. Crane: Fast and Migratable GPU Passthrough for OpenCL applications
    James Gleeson, University of Toronto; Daniel Kats, University of Toronto; Charlie Mei, University of Toronto; Eyal de Lara, University of Toronto

  3. Relieving Self-Healing SSDs of Heal Storms
    Li-Pin Chang, National Chiao-Tung University; Sheng-Min Huang, National Chiao-Tung University; Kun-Lin Chou, National Chiao-Tung University

  4. Dexter: Faster Troubleshooting of Misconfiguration Cases Using System Logs
    Rukma Ameet Talwadker, NetApp

  5. Flash Drive Lifespan *is* a Problem [Best Poster]
    Tao Zhang, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Aviad Zuck, Technion; Donald E. Porter, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Dan Tsafrir, Technion

  6. DMA Attacks in the Presence of an IOMMU
    Gil Kupfer, Technion; Nadav Amit, Technion; Dan Tsafrir, Technion

  7. Can we predict the entire system performance by looking only at the TLB?
    Mohammad Agbarya, Technion; Idan Yaniv, Technion; Dan Tsafrir, Technion

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