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Highlight Papers

We are delighted to announce the highlight papers that will be part of the technical program of SYSTOR’19.

  1. Adaptive Software Cache Management, Middleware’18
    Gil Einziger (Ben Gurion University of the Negev); Ohad Eytan, Roy Friedman (Technion); Benjamin Manes (Independent)

  2. Fine-Grain Checkpointing with In Cache Line Logging, ASPLOS’19
    Nachshon Cohen (Amazon); David Aksun (EPFL); Hillel Avni (Huawei); James R. Larus (EPFL)

  3. A Persistent Lock-Free Queue for Non-Volatile Memory, PPoPP’18
    Michal Friedman (Technion); Maurice Herlihy (Brown University CS); Virendra Marathe (Oracle); Erez Petrank (Technion)

  4. Apps Can Quickly Destroy Your Mobile's Flash: Why They Don't, and How to Keep It That Way, MobiSys’19
    Tao Zhang (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill); Aviad Zuck (Technion -- Israel Institute of Technology); Donald E. Porter (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill); Dan Tsafrir (Technion -- Israel Institute of Technology and VMware)

  5. Sketching Volume Capacities in Deduplicated Storage, FAST’19
    Danny Harnik, Moshik Hershkovitch (IBM Research); Yosef Shatsky (IBM Systems); Amir Epstein (Citi Innovation Lab); Ronen Kat (IBM Research)

  6. Taking Omid to the Clouds: Fast, Scalable Transactions for Real-Time Cloud, VLDB’18
    Ohad Shacham, Yonatan Gottesman (Yahoo Research, Verizon Media); Aran Bergman (Technion); Edward Bortnikov, Eshcar Hillel (Yahoo Research, Verizon Media); Idit Keidar (Technion and Yahoo Research, Verizon Media)

  7. On Fault Tolerance, Locality, and Optimality in Locally Repairable Codes, USENIX ATC’18
    Oleg Kolosov (Tel Aviv University); Gala Yadgar, Matan Liram (Technion - Israel Institute of Technology); Alexander Barg (University of Maryland); Itzhak Tamo (Tel Aviv University)

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