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Highlight Papers

We are delighted to announce the highlight papers that will be part of the technical program of SYSTOR 2021.

  1. PINT: Probabilistic In-band Network Telemetry
    Ran Ben Basat (University College London); Sivaramakrishnan Satyamangalam Ramanathan (University of Southern California); Yuliang Li (Harvard University); Gianni Antichi (Queen Mary University of London); Minlan Yu, Michael Mitzenmacher (Harvard University)

  2. MAD-HTLC: Because HTLC is Crazy-Cheap to Attack
    Itay Tsabary, Matan Yechieli (Technion, IC3); Alex Manuskin (ZenGo-X); Ittay Eyal (Technion)

  3. EvenDB: Optimizing Key-Value Storage for Spatial Locality
    Eran Gilad, Edward Bortnikov, Anastasia Braginsky, Yonatan Gottesman, Eshcar Hillel (Yahoo Research); Idit Keidar (Yahoo Research, Technion); Nurit Moscovici (Outbrain); Rana Shahout (Technion)

  4. Self-adjusting Advertisement of Cache Indicators with Bandwidth Constraints
    Itamar Cohen (Politecnico di Torino); Gil Einziger, Gabriel Scalosub (Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel)

  5. Characterizing, Exploiting, and Detecting DMA Code Injection Vulnerabilities in the Presence of an IOMMU
    Markuze Alex (Technion); Shay Vargaftik (VMware Research); Gil Kupfer, Boris Pismenny (Technion); Nadav Amit (VMware Research); Adam Morrison (Tel Aviv University); Dan Tsafrir (Technion & VMware Research)