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Accepted Papers

We are delighted to announce the papers that have been accepted to ACM SYSTOR’18.

Research Track

  1. Chaperone - Runtime System for Instrumenting Applications via Partial Binary Translation
    Gadi Haber, Coby Tayree (Intel Haifa)

  2. Protecting Single Shingled Write Drives Against Latent Sector Failures
    Thomas Schwarz (Marquette University)

  3. The Quick Migration of File Servers
    Keiichi Matsuzawa, Mitsuo Hayasaka (Hitachi, Ltd.); Takahiro Shinagawa (The University of Tokyo)

  4. Seamless Fail-over for PCIe Switched Networks
    William Cheng-Chun Tu (VMware Inc.); Tzi-cker Chiueh (Industrial Technology Research Institute)

  5. How to Best Share a Big Secret
    Roman Shor, Gala Yadgar (Technion); Wentao Huang (Snap Inc.); Eitan Yaakobi (Technion); Jehoshua Bruck (California Institute of Technology)

  6. Lerna: Parallelizing Dependent Loops Using Speculation
    Mohamed M. Saad (Alexandria University); Roberto Palmieri (Lehigh University); Binoy Ravindran (Virginia Tech)

  7. Dependable Non-Volatile Memory
    Arthur Martens, Rouven Scholz, Phil Lindow, Niklas Lehnfeld, Marc A. Kastner, Rüdiger Kapitza (TU Braunschweig)

  8. Inkpack: A Secure, Data-Exposure Resistant Storage System
    Oceane Bel, Kenneth Chang, Daniel Bittman, Ethan L. Miller, Darrell D. E. Long (UC Santa Cruz); Hiroshi Isozaki (Toshiba Memory Corp.)

  9. REGISTOR: A Platform for Unstructured Data Processing Inside SSD Storage
    Shuyi Pei, Jing Yang, Qing Yang (University of Rhode Island)

  10. DLIRS: Improving Low Inter-Reference Recency Set Cache Replacement Policy with Dynamics (short paper)
    Cong Li (Intel Corporation)

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