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Accepted Posters

We are delighted to announce the posters that have been accepted to ACM SYSTOR’18.

  1. Distributed Fault-Tolerant Backup-Placement in Overloaded Wireless Sensor Networks
    Gal Oren (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev), Leonid Barenboim (The Open University of Israel), Harel Levin (The Open University of Israel; Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)

  2. Accelerating Unmodified Databases Using Persistent Memory and Flash Storage Tiers
    Amit Golander (NetApp), Netanel Katzburg (NetApp), Omer Zilberberg (NetApp)

  3. An Intelligent Recycle Bin for Smart Cities
    Itai Dabran (Technion) , Yariv Cohen (Technion), Oren Eden (Technion), Aviv Lapid (Technion)

  4. Teechain: Reducing Storage Costs on the Blockchain with Offline Payment Channels
    Joshua Lind (Imperial College London), Oded Naor (Technion), Ittay Eyal (Technion), Florian Kelbert (Imperial College London), Peter Pietzuch (Imperial College London), Emin Gun Sirer (Cornell University)

  5. Cryptocurrencies Mining Gap Formation
    Itay Tsabary (Technion), Ittay Eyal (Technion)

  6. Stash in a Flash
    Aviad Zuck (Technion), Yue Li (California Institute of Technology), Jehoshua Bruck (California Institute of Technology), Donald E. Porter (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Dan Tsafrir (Technion and VMware Research)

  7. Efficient Analytics on Encrypted Data
    Gidon Gershinsky (IBM Research)

  8. RestAssured: Securing Cloud Analytics
    Oshrit Feder (IBM Research), Gidon Gershinsky (IBM Research), Eliad Tsfadia (IBM Research and Tel Aviv University)

  9. Applying Deep Learning to Object Store Caching
    Effi Ofer (IBM Research), Amir Epstein (Citi Innovation Lab TLV), Dafna Sadeh (IBM Research), Danny Harnik (IBM Research)

  10. Keeping Deep Learning GPUs Well Fed Using Object Storage
    Or Ozeri (IBM Research), Effi Ofer (IBM Research), Ronen Kat (IBM Research)

  11. Collusion in Cloud Computing Auctions
    Shunit Agmon (Technion), Orna Agmon Ben-Yehuda (Technion), Assaf Schuster (Technion)

  12. PM-Aware Storage Engine for MongoDB
    Moshik Hershcovitch (IBM Research), Revital Eres (IBM Research), Adam McPadden (IBM Systems)

  13. Privacy Enforcement at a Large Scale for GDPR Compliance
    Ety Khaitzin (IBM Research), Roee Shlomo (IBM Research), Maya Anderson (IBM Research)

  14. Big Data Analytics for Smart Cities: The H2020 CLASS Project
    Eduardo Quinones Moreno (Barcelona Supercomputing Center), Marko Bertogna (University of Modena), Erez Hadad (IBM Research), Ana Juan Ferrer (Atos Research), Luca Chiantore (City of Modena), Alfredo Reboa (Maserati)

  15. Shared Cloud Object Store Governed by Permissioned Blockchain
    Artem Barger (IBM Research), Yacov Manevich (IBM Research), Vita Bortnikov (IBM Research), Yoav Tock (IBM Research), Michael Factor (IBM Research), Michal Malka (IBM Research)

  16. Towards Serverless NFV for 5G Media Applications
    David Breitgand (IBM Research), Avi Weit (IBM Research), Stamatia Rizou (Singular Logic), David Griffin (University College London), Ugur Acar (Netas), Gino Carrozzo (Nextworks), Nikolaos Zioulis (Centre for Research and Technology)

  17. Hyplets - Multi Exception Level Kernel towards Linux RTOS
    Raz Ben Yehuda (University of Jyvaskyla), Nezer Zaidenberg (University of Jyvaskyla)

  18. Memomania: From Huge to Huge-Huge Pages
    Mohammad Agbarya (Technion), Idan Yaniv (Technion -- Israel Institute of Technology), Dan Tsafrir (Technion and VMware Research)

  19. Space Efficient Elephant Flow Detection
    Ran Ben Basat (Technion), Gil Einziger (Nokia Bell Labs), Roy Friedman (Technion)

  20. SliceNet: Cognitive Slice Management Framework for Virtual Multi-Domain 5G Networks
    Valleriya Perelman (IBM Research), Anna Levin (IBM Research), Eran Raichstein (IBM Research), Katherine Barabash (IBM Research), Dean Lorenz (IBM Research), Hillel Kolodner (IBM Research), Shelly Garion (IBM Research), Aidan Shirbman (IBM Research)

  21. Securing Log Files through Blockchain Technology
    Louis M. Shekhtman (Nokia Bell Labs), Erez Waisbard (Nokia Bell Labs)

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