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Haifa: The story of the religions creating the beautiful human mosaic of the city
Tuesday, June 5, 2018

We will visit the sacred sites, meet the people, and learn about the essence of each religion, while trying to understand why all these different people chose to live in this beautiful city.

The tour starts with a beautiful panoramic view of Haifa and the different parts of the city from the Louis Promenade.

We’ll visit the Baha'i gardens and walk the streets and market of Wadi Nisnas (nisnas means “mongoose”). The neighborhood is a concentrated hodgepodge of Arab homes and businesses clinging to the Haifa hillside.

Next, we’ll visit the Templar colony and discuss their influence on the development of Israel. Then, we'll head to the Kababir neighborhood to hear their amazing story. Finally, we’ll head to Dalit El Karmel where we’ll learn about the secretive Druze religion.

14:30 – Meeting at IBM building (start)

19:00 – Nora Restaurant, Isfiya (end of the tour)

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