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Highlight Papers

We are delighted to announce the highlight papers that will be part of the technical program of SYSTOR’18.

  1. Stash in a Flash, USENIX FAST’18
    Aviad Zuck (Technion); Yue Li, Jehoshua Bruck (California Institute of Technology); Donald E. Porter (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill); Dan Tsafrir (Technion and VMware Research)

  2. Reducing DRAM Footprint with NVM in Facebook, EuroSys’18
    Assaf Eisenman (Stanford University); Darryl Gardner (Facebook), Islam AbdelRahman (Facebook), Jens Axboe (Facebook), Siying Dong (Facebook), Kim Hazelwood (Facebook), Chris Petersen (Facebook); Asaf Cidon (Stanford University), Sachin Katti (Stanford University)

  3. Frightening Small Children and Disconcerting Grown-ups: Concurrency in the Linux Kernel, ASPLOS’18
    Jade Alglave (ARM and University College London); Luc Maranget (Inria — Paris); Paul E. McKenney (IBM and Oregon State University); Andrea Parri (Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna); Alan Stern (Harvard University))

  4. DAMN: Overhead-Free IOMMU Protection for Networking, ASPLOS’18
    Alex Markuze (Technion & VMware Research); Igor Smolyar (Technion); Adam Morrison (Tel Aviv University); Dan Tsafrir (Technion & VMware Research)

  5. CloudKit: Structured Storage for Mobile Applications, VLDB’18
    Alexander Shraer, Alexandre Aybes, Bryan Davis, Christos Chrysafis, Dave Browning, Eric Krugler, Eric Stone, Harrison Chandler, Jacob Farkas John Quinn, Jonathan Ruben, Michael Ford, Mike McMahon, Nathan Williams, Nicolas Favre-Felix, Nihar Sharma, Ori Herrnstadt Paul Seligman, Raghav Pisolkar, Scott Dugas, Scott Gray, Shirley Lu, Sytze Harkema, Valentin Kravtsov, Vanessa Hong, Wan Ling Yih, Yizuo Tian (Apple)

  6. Randomized Admission Policy for Efficient Top-k and Frequency Estimation, INFOCOM’17
    Ran Ben Basat (Technion); Gil Einziger (Nokia Bell Labs); Roy Friedman, Yaron Kassner (Technion)

  7. SGXBounds: Memory Safety for Shielded Execution, EuroSys '17
    Dmitrii Kuvaiskii (TU Dresden), Oleksii Oleksenko (TU Dresden), Sergei Arnautov (TU Dresden), Bohdan Trach (TU Dresden), Pramod Bhatotia (University of Edinburgh), Pascal Felber (University of Neuchâtel), Christof Fetzer (TU Dresden)

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